RV Rentals in Pennsylvania

RV Rentals in PA - What to Consider

Whether you’re exploring Pennsylvania, taking a weekend getaway, or a month-long adventure, RVing gives you the freedom to go wherever, whenever you want. Get up close and personal with Mother Nature, sleep under the stars, and enjoy the comforts of modern living while in nature.
If you need an RV short-term, RV rentals are the easiest, most cost-effective way to enjoy the open road without having to commit to buying an RV or maintaining your RV during the off-season. Find the perfect recreational vehicle rental that suits your needs.

Not sure what kind of RV is best for you? Here’s a breakdown.

PA RV Rental Fleets vary depending on your service provider. However, the two most common types of RV rentals in PA include Motorhome rentals (Class A, Class B, and Class C motorhomes) and Travel Trailer rentals.  Winnebago rentals are self-powered RVs with their own engine and driving body, while travel trailers require a separate vehicle to tow them (as the name suggests).
Camping in a motorhome versus a towable rig is an entirely different experience. For example, a huge fifth-wheel trailer is spacious and luxurious, but you can only use it once you’re done driving for the day. On the other hand, Self-driving RVs mean you can pull off to the nearest camping spot without having to worry about unhitching, but you won’t have as much interior space. 
The perfect RV rental for you comes down to why you’re renting an RV in the first place. All PA RV rentals come with benefits and compromises. It’s about finding what works best for your lifestyle.